Great Expectations: Anticipating this Blog’s Future

I want, first, to thank Charles Dickens for the wonderful novel that is Great Expectations. Partially because it has given me such a convenient name for my first post. Thanks, Charlie.

This blog will seek to find Jesus in the world’s stories.Great Expectations It will search humanity’s novels, films, plays, even the funny little anecdotes we tell over the lunch table and in our breakrooms, for the purpose of seeing Jesus in them. Because if we grant that every story has a slice of reality in it, and if we grant that Jesus (who is the Way, the Truth, and the life) is the foundation of reality, then somewhere, however faint it may be, there is a string attached to every story that guides us to Christ. Be it Dickens’ Great Expectations, Disney’s Finding Nemo, or that story you heard today about a coworker who spilled his coffee all over his suit. More on this in my next blog post, on Justin Martyr’s provocative statement that “Whatever things were rightly said among all men, are the property of us Christians.”

If you enjoy stories, if you take time to delve into the mysteries of life in conversations and musings, if you care about how the time you spend on Netflix and in your rocking chair can draw you closer to God, this blog will be for you.

And so, let us search so as to find Jesus in the world’s stories. I grant that such a mission is abstract, fluid, and perhaps even a little unclear. But I wager that it’s better that way. A blog is just as much for the writer as for the reader. I write this to develop my own thoughts on stories and Christ as much as I hope it develops yours.

So let’s consider ourselves explorers. Columbuses and Magellans and Cartiers. And before you write that off as an exaggeration that I don’t actually mean, take a moment to pause. Because I’d argue that, in actuality, discovering godly truth is more adventurous than discovering a new continent. The metaphor is an understatement. God’s truth trumps the New World, hands down.

What comes next? Two posts this first week, and then one post each Friday. Every two weeks, this post will be a musing, the first of which will come this Monday: Justin Martyr: Truth and Diamonds  


The Dunkirk Evacuation. Credit: International War Museums, Puttnam & Malindine

Between the musings, there will be a stories post. The first one will be coming this Friday, looking at the movie Dunkirk and its concept of home. What it means to be exiled and homeless, and what it means to be saved and brought back to the place where you belong. Especially when salvation is achieved by home taking the initiative and coming to you, and not the other way around.

I’d be honored if you’d join me in my exploration to find Jesus in the world’s stories.


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